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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti - for some reason it ends up on YOUR store. How do you get it off? Whether it is on a painted surface, metal, wood, brick or any other type of surface, donít worry,

Calvin Power Washing will have it removed in no time! With our high pressure hose and our knowledge for graffiti removal, it will be removed as if you never even knew it was there.

Some Pressure Washing companies say they take it off 100% but at the end of the job it slightly remains visible.

The important thing to remember with Graffiti removal is the longer it stays on the harder it is to take off.

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So if you see that you have been hit with graffiti, call Calvin Power Washing right away to remove these grafitti eye sores on your house, or store front. You can't do better than Calvin.



Calvin Power Washing Graffiti Removal

BeforeCalvin Power Washing Graffiti Removal

AfterCalvin Power Washing Graffiti Removal

Calvin Power Washing Graffiti Removal