Calvin Power Washing is a family owned business serving Portland OR - Oregon, and also Vancouver Washington metro areas.

In the Portland - Troutdale area, choosing a portland power wash - washing contractor is not the easy thing to do. Why, you ask? It is because you are usually bombarded with high pressure confusing claims, misleading advertising, and bad information all of which overwhelms you. From super-low prices and high pressure sales pitches from unqualified contractors and near worthless methods, how do you find qualified, competent and professional portland power washers?

Portland’s climate causes a lot of dirt and grime to build-up quickly, around where you live, work and play. Your fleet of trucks and cars look dirty and your buildings and walkways look dull and unkempt. You are a victim of Portlands weather. You can easily see around you and spot without looking hard and view the clogged gutters, dirty windows, roof moss, insect and animal infestation, and algae build up that a good Portland Power Wash will cure.

What do you do? Calvin Power Washing can make it right. We are Truck Mobile and are on call.

You know, our Pressure Washer Services in Portland include (but are not limited to) cleaning roofs, gutters, sidings, concrete driveways and sidewalks, garages - floor and walls and roofs, patios, carport floors, and fences.

Your benefits of using our services includes the removal of the surface oxidization, dirt, mold, moss and other unsightly contaminants from the exterior of your property. Doing this Portland Power Wash will increase your property's curb appeal. The results of a good Portland Power Washing will be way more inviting to guests, and most importantly, will add to the Property Value. In reality, It's a "no - brainer". Someone's got to do it and that's why we are here with this website. We are everywhere. Read On.

In Portland Oregon, people often find us by doing a "Google, Yahoo, or a Bing Search" using words like portland power wash, power wash portland, portland pressure wash, pressure wash portland, portland pressure washing, portland power washing, gresham power washing, gresham pressure washing, portland graffiti removing, portland graffiti removal, gresham graffiti removal, strip mall pressure wash, strip mall power wash - power washing, mobile wash portland, and other standard power or pressure washing terms.

How do you find any type of cleaning contractor to take care of your business and home needs?

We feel that we are the answer in virtually all cases that require pressure washing or power wash - washing - cleaning, including unwanted graffiti removal. If we cannot do the job, we wont even start it. But when we take the job, you will be pleased with the results. Not knowing how to power wash here in APortland or by being distracted while performing the power washing can really cause problems.

We do not become distracted while doing the job for you. It is just one of many reasons why hiring a professional portland power washing contractor like Calvin Power Washing to do your portland power washing just makes sense. You don't want weekend warriors that go around blowing holes in everyone's window screens, you need an experienced, seasoned power wash contractor that does pressure washing as a profession, every day of every week of every year. Calvin Power Washing does the job right, and to your satisfaction.

Our Employees pay extremely close attention to detail in everything we do. If you're not happy then we're not happy. We have very competitive and straight forward pricing, and we are 100% mobile and self contained.

So if someone shows up at your door asking if you would like to have your house power or pressure washed, graffiti removed, your deck cleaned, or maybe even your Driveway and Sidewalks power washed cleaned, or Gutters cleaned, ask that "someone" for references before turning them loose with a 5000 psi power washer. If you live in the Portland, Vancouver, Gresham and Surrounding Areas, contact Calvin Power Washing for a free estimate.

Services we offer:

Graffiti Removal
Strip mall soft and/or high pressure - power washing
Interior/exterior commercial buildings
Parking Garages
Moss Removal and Prevention
Brick and Block Cleaning
Fleet and Heavy Equipment detailing


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Graffiti Removal