Calvin Power Washing Services


Calvin Power Washing delivers the best and most affordable truck, trailer, and heavy equipment washing services in the state of Oregon. Why are we better than anyone else? We have knowledgeable employees taking care of your truck and trailer or heavy equipment. If we ever run into a problem on your truck, such as: pavement tar on your paint, black exhaust pipes, or road chemicals on wheels and surrounding areas; we are there to perfect it! With our fleet of trucks we have made it easy to be able to pick a time of day that best suites you.

When washing your truck you can be sure that Calvin Power Washing will go above and beyond your expectations when washing your truck, trailers, or any other heavy equipment. We make sure the smallest things such as your tail pipes to your engine compartment are the cleanest around. We take great pride in washing your truck, trailer, or heavy equipment. We hand wash all cabs with mitts and brushes, ensuring the protection of your paint for a longer lasting shine. Other pressure washing companies get lazy after time and wash the WHOLE truck and trailer with “cleaning chemicals” to do a quicker job. After time the windows start to etch and the paint begins to fade, ruining the overall look of the truck. We prefer not to use the “cleaning chemicals” because of that reason. We do have safe chemicals available upon request. All of our “cleaning chemicals” that are used are biodegradable and all waste water is processed through our complete recovery system.

You can count on us to set the new standard in truck washing.
We offer many options other than just washing your truck, such as:
• Applying wax
• Installing Rain-X on windows
• Applying High Polished Aluminum buffing compound
• Engine detail
• Inside cab detail
• And much more